Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Fat Cat Hats and Sacks is Now Blogging!

Yes it's true...finally I've created a Blog for Fat Cat Hats and Sacks.  I'll be posting news about me and my designs as well as related stories, thoughts and trivia about hats, handbags and other fashion accessories.  I've been very busy creating some new hats for women and men and look forward to sharing them with you.   In fact here is one for the men...a powder blue and beige tweed fedora:

Currently I'm hand-blocking some felt hats on salad bowls...yes, salad bowls...and am very pleased with the results... I'll be posting some photos shortly so check back soon!  Meanwhile...

always remember that life is a journey...
it really doesn't matter where you're going
just make sure you're wearing a hat when you get there!

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  1. Beautiful Fedora! I would love to see some pictures of your salad bowl hat blocks! Jewel Sauls of The Chapeau Chateau