Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Study in Grey

I'm growing quite fond of the color grey...something that comes in handy when you live in the Pacific Northwest or when you look in the mirror and realize you really are getting...uh...older.  But my love for grey is more than just really is a beautiful color.   It's misty and moody...and subtle and quiet.  It can be classy and traditional when all on it's own or lively and flamboyant when in the company of others...I particularly like it with orange, fuschia or yellow. 

This affection for grey has inspired me to work on a series of hats...some in only shades of grey and some in combination with other colors.  I've just finished two dove grey felt hats...sort of his and hers...a fedora and a beret.  Both hats are hand-blocked...the fedora has a wide and full crown and the beret slopes over the side of the head.  I trimmed both with hat pins that I made with hammered sterling silver wire and two beautiful pieces of black silver leaf jasper.  Take a peek:

Both hats will be available in my Etsy shop starting Jan 5th if you want to see more views or buying details...wouldn't you and your honey look smashing in them!  And more designs in grey are in the making...meanwhile...

always remember that life is a journey...
it really doesn't matter where you're going
just make sure you're wearing a hat when you get there!

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